Fast Access Timetable

The Masjid Timetable app places your local masjid beginning and jamaat times at your fingertips. Avoid the need to rely on approximate times.

Multi-Functional Design

The Masjid Timetable app has been re-designed from the ground up with multiple pages for various functions. These functions are highly useful and can be used daily.

Events, Notes & Ramadhan

Now you can access your masjid‘s important notifications and stay informed of any upcoming events locally. Furthermore, you don‘t need to consult a different timetable for suhoor and iftar times.

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Usability :

The Masjid Timetable interface is elegant and easy to use. There are three themes to choose from and a variety of selections for your needs. You can even browse hot topics and articles at our dynamic learning centre, all within the app!

The dashboard is the hub of the app and from here, you can navigate to other pages.

You will be presented with a list of masaajid present in our database. Find your local masjid and select it. You will then be taken to the Masjid Details page.

Here, you will find information regarding your local masjid and you can set it as one of your favourites. You can also set up to three other masaajid in your favourites list.

This is the heart of the app and this is the page you will visit most often. This page lists the five daily prayer times of your primary masjid. Upon swiping the page, it also displays the prayer times at the other masaajid you selected earlier.

You will also see a list of the masjid‘s notes and important information here.

Be notified xx minutes before jamaat time so you can do wudhu and prepare to leave for the masjid.

Set your desired time format display (12h / 24h)

Receive notification of events.


Get ahold of your local masjid timetable, preferably in an electronic format.

Sign up for an account at this website and follow the directions to submit the masjid‘s timetable.

Insha-Allah, receive thousands of rewards for making the timetable available to all smart-phone users at your local masjid!